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Test kit manufacture and assemble for all your requirements - just in time


Our production facility for kit manufacture offers a whole raft of possibilities and value-added features for all manufacturing and assembly of bespoke diagnostic kits for a wide range of applications.

  • Covid-19 diagnostic testing kits.
  • Veterinary diagnostic testing kits.
  • Genetic testing kits.
  • Forensic science testing kits.
  • Food inspection testing kits.
  • Contract analytical services.

Diagnostic Kit Services (DKS) provides fully customisable and traceable solutions from concept to delivery for a range of high-quality testing kits for both human and veterinary use.

Diagnostic kit manufacturers currently supply kits for testing according to defined parameters that work best for their systems, this inflexibility can mean you don’t get the kit you really wanted. Also, many manufactures often outsource various parts of the kit and just assemble the final product, this can lead to delays and restrictions on order size.

At DKS we manufacture, assemble, print and deliver in house using our latest cutting-edge technology to cope with all your needs. Our production facility offers a whole raft of possibilities and value-added features for customers.

A one stop, flexible manufacturing solution that supplies the fully customized kit you really want, when you want it, however small or large the order.

For more information, to request test kit samples, or to ask for a quote, call +44 (0) 1234 889180 or email sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk or complete the enquiry form here


A new sampling technology developed by a partnership between Life Science Group Ltd of Bedford, and the University of Bedfordshire is transforming the global battle against Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) and other viruses by improving the speed and safety of sampling, whilst maintaining the quality of the viral sample.

Testing needs to be both effective and safe, and there is increased pressure and demand for ‘gold standard’ molecular testing using PCR or similar methods currently. This has led to a significant increase in processing and rapid changes needed by laboratories across the country, often leading to delays for results and complications with testing.

Public Health England has now formally validated these new buffers showing that they inactivate the virus – which makes the samples non-infectious and safe to handle. This will help to significantly increase laboratory throughput and improve testing.

The inactivation buffer is expected to work not just for Covid-19 samples, but also for other viruses such as Ebola and will have many different sample applications globally.

The benefits to the whole testing process are many and varied and include a safer and more effective way of handling a wide range of samples in the future. Other benefits include, low toxicity, longer shelf life and the prevention of degradation of samples to reduce issues of falsenegatives.Thebufferscan beusedwithavarietyof extraction protocols and, above all, will increase the safety, speed and ease of testing.

Life Science Group Ltd is currently the only company offering a full range of inactivation and stabilisation buffers suitable for a range of tests and differing requirements including PCR, Straight-to-PCR and LAMP and is fully ISO 13485 accredited.

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