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Market leading in vitro diagnostic products

We have recently developed and produced a range of CE marked in vitro diagnostic products for the collection and transportation of infectious virus samples. All products are manufactured at our facilities near Bedford and supplied CE marked with full quality documentation including Certificate of Analysis.

Advantages for the use of Inactivir® inactivation media/buffers:

Successful inactivation of potentially infectious clinical samples is a critically important for all stages of sample handling, from the initial sample collection to processing and discarding of the residual material. This is an important consideration for all facilities conducting real-time qPCR assays.

The use of inactivation buffers for the collection and transportation of samples clearly has significant advantages for transportation through courier/postal systems, sample stability through the inactivation of the virus and the stabilisation of the RNA, and safer handling for operatives handling sample receipt and conducting the assays.

The use of Inactivir® inactivation buffers provide the ability for safe handling of samples with no loss of sensitivity in the final assay. This is of particular importance in geographies with limited access to diagnostic laboratories and where stability and safety of samples collected is paramount.

In many cases, the use of Inactivir® inactivation buffers reduce the cost and time involved in sample handling and assay by the removal of one or more of the processing steps in the assay protocol.

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