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Clean room operations to ensure complete satisfaction for all your diagnostic kits


Our clean rooms offer a full range of controlled integrated facilities, creating optimum conditions for lighting, temperature and particle counts and strictly adhere to current quality standards.

We have two new GMP Grade Class C cleanroom manufacturing spaces supported by two new Class D cleanroom production environments.

  • Class 10,000 (ISO 7 and ISO 8) rated for medical device packaging with ISO 3 rated laminar flow hoods located above critical equipment.

  • Aseptic handling is validated to ISO 13408-7:2012 for the aseptic processing of healthcare products that cannot be terminally sterilised. All product filling and labelling is completed through our fully automated in-house operation, quality controlled and completed by our highly experienced team.

  • Room sizes are 2.5m by 3.0m. Each clean room has 7.5m² of controlled space, with the associated service areas taking up a further 50m². This area is organised into 2 cleanrooms, both with laminar flow hoods. One of the rooms is retained specifically for the handling of non-animal derived material.

However small or large your requirement, our facilities are built to deliver for all bespoke, or off-the-shelf requirements.

For more information, to request test kit samples, or to ask for a quote, call +44 (0) 1234 889180 or email sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk or complete the enquiry form here

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